There were two different types of classes in Ancient Rome- plebeians and patricians. Plebeians were lower class Romans while Patricians were upper class Romans. Depending on which social class a Roman belonged to affected what their days had consisted of. For Plebeians, both men and women started the day off first at light and either worked in the house or fields all day. After work and dinner, Plebeians tried going to sleep as early as possible. This was because they’d have to wake up early in the morning for work and to save their oil lamps. On the other hand, Patricians didn’t have to break their backs as much as Plebeians. Wealthy men and women did not need to wake up so early in the morning. This gave them time to enjoy a good breakfast and pray at the household shrine. Wealthy men didn’t work in fields, but rather fulfilled their job by writing letters, meeting other clients and businessmen at the forum. Wealthy women spent the day making themselves look beautiful and planning dinner parties for when their husband returns home. Household chores and watching over the children were able to be upholded by slaves.